Scorch - 2021

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Product Overview

As each generation of paddler has passed down skill and knowledge,

the next has taken a step beyond them to rivers once thought of as


The Scorch is the culmination of decades of design advancements

mirroring this paddler progression, combining and refi ning features

from industry-leading designs like the 9R (waterline length, bow

rocker), Machno (volume and deck profi le), and Burn (planing hull

with hard edge); the hybrid rocker profi le is effi cient on the move

and planes over the burliest of features, gets the stern out of your

way on the lip of drops, and ensures you skip out over whatever lies

below; a fi ne balance of length and edge carries speed and maintains

precise lines, even in boily, unpredictable water; and the generous but

carefully tailored volume keeps you on top of the water.

Confi dent, dry, and nimble, the Scorch delivers what it takes to


+ Progressive Bow Rocker – further refi nement on the feature which

created that famous 9R skip-out.

+ Stern Kick Rocker – making a 10ft boat boof like an 8ft one.

+ Planing Hull with Hard Edge – just another way in which the Scorch

has the edge, except this one is literal.

+ Long waterline length – the rule book has been thrown out; the

Scorch’s waterline length gives you the speed and capacity to get

the job done and have fun while you’re at it.

+ Rounded deck peak – sheds water effi ciently for controlled

resurfacing, and enables almost-eff ortless rolling.

+ Volume profi le – generous volume, distributed strategically across

the boat length to give a boat that fi nds the surface of the water and

not your elbows.