Ozone - 2021

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Product Overview

Pyranha’s long-awaited return to the river-running playboat market!

The DNA of the Ozone fl ows from models such as the ProZone,

InaZone, and Z.One; unlock mid-rapid play spots, throw some shapes

on an eddy line, and just generally enjoy every moment on the water.

Available in both Carbon and MZ3, the Ozone is going to be ridiculous

fun for all abilities and ambitions.


+ The bow and stern volume has been tailored to suit a huge range of

moves both old and new, from cartwheels to loops, whilst still being

plenty to carry you downstream without things getting 'too' fun.

+ A progressive rocker profi le accentuated at the bow gives dry rides

on a wave, keeps the kayak plaining effi ciently when riding rapids

or surfi ng, and works with the volume profi le to make it simple to

initiate tricks.

+ Moderate length means the Ozone is short enough to throw around

and have some real fun, but long enough to run most rapids and

access a heap of play opportunities in all sorts of places




S 7' 3" 24.5" 45gal 33lb 77–155lb

M 7' 5" 25" 54gal 33lb 132–198lb

L 7' 8" 26" 60gal 37lb 176–265lb