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Product Overview

Afon Machno, 53.064°, -3.779°; the tributary that powers the infamous

Fairy Glen, and just over an hour from Pyranha HQ, this is where initial

testing for the Machno took place.

The Pyranha Machno has been refi ned through the feedback of Team

Pyranha members worldwide to feature a formidable bow rocker

profi le that keeps you on top of things, and a wide planing hull with

soft chines that’s both stable and predictable.

When you’re in the Machno, you’ll almost feel as though time has

been slowed down as you glide into the rapids, waiting for the perfect

moment to plant that key paddle stroke and nail that boof.


+ Wide planing hull, confi dence inspiring and stable.

+ Subtle edges won’t trip you up, but are still there to enable

controlled carving turns.

+ Extreme bow rocker profi le for a dry ride.

+ Curved deck peak sheds water effi ciently, and facilitates

super-easy rolling.

+ Stern release edge retains speed effi ciently.

+ Tailored volume distribution with wide bow for a comfortable,

controlled paddler stance.

+ Open stern handle recess allows a more comfortable grip when

lowering the kayak.




S 8' 5" 26" 73gal 44lb 99–176lb

M 8' 8" 26" 81gal 47lb 132–220lb

L 8' 11" 26.5" 98gal 51lb 165–287lb