9R II - 2021

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Product Overview

The 9R kick-started a creek boat design revolution; now that

everyone else has caught up, it’s time to raise the bar with the 9R II.

This sports car of a kayak is an exhilarating ride on any river, its

narrow width not only increasing the 9R’s dynamic speed, but also

off ering immense connectivity, eff ortless rolling, and lightning fast

edge to edge transitions; the 9R’s unparalleled speed is just as much

fun to wield during everyday missions as it is in competitions, opening

up more moves and whole new possibilities such as mid-rapid line

changes and easy attainments.


+ Stern edges tailored to engage and aid tracking when the kayak

is being driven forwards, and release for controlled carving

performance in turns.

+ Extreme bow rocker lifts the kayak over features, and is fi nely

balanced with the stern volume/width to carry maximum lateral

speed out of drops.

+ Bow wave defl ectors create dynamic lift and defl ect spray, allowing

you to concentrate on the water ahead.

+ 9ft length with cut-off stern gives maximum race legal waterline for

ultimate speed, with a clean release of surface tension.

+ A narrow, swede form hull paired with subtle paddle entry cutaways

allows for perfectly placed paddle strokes and rewards them with

explosive velocity.

+ The consistent deck peak sheds water effi ciently and helps the

kayak resurface predictably from drops.

+ Safety as standard with a complete array of DMM drop-forged,

anodised aluminium handles and security points.



M 8' 11" 25.5" 82gal 48lb 143–220lb

L 9' 5" 26" 90gal 51lb 165–275lb